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tv   Headline News  RT  June 18, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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the g eight summit ends with leaders backing a peace conference on syria but they fail to mend differences as president putin slams the u.s. decision to arm the rebels saying there's no hard evidence the regime crossed that line and used chemical weapons. u.s. reveals forty six names of guantanamo bay detainees they say are too dangerous to release to transfer or to prosecute those washington stumbles again on its way to shutting down the camp. and police raids in istanbul and ankara result in more than eighty arrests as the turkish government boosts tactics against the protests the gripping the country.
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watching r.t. live at ten moscow time my name is kevin i was very good to have you company this is our first of the g. eight summits just drawn to an end in northern ireland in the last hour or two with syria as predicted one of the most pressing topics up for discussion despite major disagreements the leaders did manage to come up with a joint statement end of the day russia's president commented on what's been achieved and what difference is still remain on his bully boy who was following the news conference that locker. this joint statement from all the g. eight leaders is being presented as somewhat of a triumph they managed to come together and issued a statement on syria from everybody one thing about amir putin said in a press conference is that everybody agrees that the only way forward is diplomatic and a diplomatic resolution to the crisis in syria they want to see all the sides around the negotiating table and they want to see the geneva two. happen as soon as possible before it has i didn't see that yet and of course really divided me about
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a number of giving the point remains. russia is going to do you on the syrian crisis and everybody else is one of them is chemical weapons. reiterated that russia doesn't find the evidence provided by the americans very convincing so the russian government doesn't have any proof that chemical weapons have been used in syria and he also mentioned that a number of other g eight leaders also question the claims that have been made by the u.s. government it wasn't a case of seven against one of the leaders have been questioning that information as well he said that there needs to be a full investigation into the use of chemical weapons in syria and that needs to be in order to establish the truth and that needs to be presented back to the u.n. and of course the u.s. has already said that because there is a result of these claims that bashar al assad has used chemical weapons they are now have pledged to provide military support to the syrian opposition now and
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speaking just now in a press conference reiterated that he thinks that sending weapons to the syrian rebels will further escalate and destabilize the bloodshed taking place there already when questioned about russia's arms sales to the syrian government this is what vladimir putin said in response. to plunge and. one with a fish will contract to the legitimate government of president assad you know when the possible weapons supplies to syrian rebels by european countries the british people recently witnessed an outrageous tragedy when a soldier was butchered in broad daylight in the streets of london many in the syrian opposition not all of them of course are criminals like the ones that conducted that violent killing do europeans want to supply arms to these people what will happen to these weapons and where will these arms end up because end up
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back in europe that's why we call in our partners to think twice before they take this extremely dangerous step one of let me put in some supporters there by artist party boy there less than twenty four hours ago the foreign media was writing that the russian leader was isolated at the summit there different images apparently amazed the saving the ninety's news editor of a cross who has been following the event earlier explained to me what caused the turnaround. you've got to look at the choreography yeah so yes at the canadian prime minister observed that putin seemed isolated or spot ran out a line that was isolated at the at the summit and i think if you look at the choreography of the press conferences and the communique that they've issued today i don't think that hold any water in fact my read on it is that putin didn't blink on syria and the others did the point being if you have a look at david cameron's press conference that he gave as president of the g. eight as president of the g. eight cameron went through some points on foreign policy that they had decided one
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of those was on libya that the g. eight was going to strengthen the new libyan prime minister's resolve and strengthen his stance in trying to bring the militias in libya under control he then went on to syria and issued a seven point declaration which. is signed by all members of the g. eight including some balance on the issue of chemical weapons there's not much finger pointing going on there and there is no claim that assad has no role in any future government of syria there is a call for a roadmap towards a transition government in syria and this may or may not include assad and putin is on people and on that issue anyway he's not insisting that assad has to be there one way or interact but a couple a couple of statements that cameron made suggest that it was they blinked and quite considerably cameron used the expression we need to learn the lessons of iraq before we get involved heavily in syria and then went on to explain how syria needed and this is backed up in the g. in the communique that syria needed a functioning police government institutions health care institutions an army the
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rule of law a political system all of which by. libya lacks and i think probably went into the g. eight and said look at look at what's going on in libya and we're not going to repeat that i think there was an acknowledgement there around the table that none of them wanted to repeat the mistakes of the past. of course he was a bit earlier on so while the g eight was struggling to find a diplomatic game to. the syrian conflict violence on the ground keeps escalating at least sixty government troops have been killed near aleppo in a car bomb attack that allegedly carried out by al-qaeda affiliate rebels shortly after then a similar blast in damascus left ten soldiers dead let's discuss now was put agreed at the g eight and whether it's likely to bring an end to the bloodshed in syria with us like to bring that any nearer at least let's talk afshin rattansi r.t. contributor joining us on the line now from london a lot of talk about what's come out of this but as far as syria's concerned or shura thoughts about it. it's incredibly embarrassing for these
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leaders in their own countries you've got to remember president obama the perpetual war president he does so many things that are illegal he's back at home he has no support for this idea of arming al-qaeda in syria that's for european leaders of the although your correspondents were saying that mr putin wasn't isolated it looked mean most of the media of the g six was just supine to american concerns perhaps in the end let him you couldn't got his way because israel was telling president obama look we're a bit worried about you creating an al-qaeda state right here in what was a quasi secular government here in the middle east over the whiskey custard cameron was tweeting about the menu the very idea that you have g seven seven of the g eight desperately trying to torpedo talks trying to send weapons good to remember that the sending automatic weapons like mortars are not be g.'s president obama
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right now doing many of the american public realize let's look at what we are presented with as a final result but communique on the one hand the final statement didn't mention assad stepping down did it on the other though it is early a media conference cameron did say assad's political future in syria was unthinkable so what extent does this joint communique that we're presented with just a couple of hours ago actually reflect what the different countries really think and their real agenda. well the british government in comprehension was palpable when president obama eventually started saying that the united states was going to arm the rebels only to have a william hague cornstarch here in britain saying oh well not just yet they are in complete disarray they don't seem to understand the region they seem to have an oriental list understanding that they think that they can start pouring weapons into these sorts of groups are going to remember iraq is still continuing two thousand dead since april fifty one dead on sunday maybe they should finish up with
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al qaeda in iraq before they start messing around and of course there is the danger that this is spreading some of those weapons that who knows maybe they're secretly already supplying killing people in iraq and certainly there were two dead in lebanon today let's talk about the geneva peace conference there was a bit of optimism about that however how are they going to make the opposition the rebels talk said meeting in geneva if and when it happens do you think that was unclear wasn't it. yes this loose coalition of rebels seem to held seven of the g. eight hostage already because they seem to be saying no we want this and we want that mr putin was very clear that mr lavrov that there must be no pre conditions whatsoever about rebels coming to the table and it was good to see i suppose runs well and of. saying that he wouldn't mind if iran being a big regional player appearing there i suppose we should also have saudi and qatar we're going to remember all this was occurring in ireland while president obama's
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people were saying they were going to be negotiating with the taliban so so many years after nine eleven they are planning to arm the kind of people that caused nine eleven the same to the whole afghan war what was it for they're going to be talking with the taliban anyway rather than using guns will talk of arming the rebels another tsunami came an action the british prime minister said the jihad agreement requires al qaeda linked militants to exit the fighting do you think he really believes that physically possible although it may be more to sway there was a hesitating still over supply in the rebels with lethal weapons trying to give them some. feeling that it is ok to do that that they won't get into the wrong hands. there's a history of some commentators saying the british prime minister's go crazy after a couple of years in downing street we all know what happened to tony blair as he took his focus on to foreign policy david cameron presumably if this polite etonian background the things you can politely ask the al nasra front can you please exit
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the theatre this is absurd in all ways and it's amazing you can remember these delegates in ireland have huge teams and you know they've got the data security agency advising obama how possibly they think that they can make sure that weapons will not reach. in syria or the fact of nusra front i mean. frankly breathtaking let's talk about that oft quoted red lines a final thought. depending who you listen to say it's been crossed it is a news conference led him a potent said that russia was not the only country having doubts over the claims that the assad government had used chemical weapons do you speculate who those countries might be do you think. well i presume that those countries would have been reading the u.n. report presented by college appointed some weeks ago she seemed to disappeared. we had character assassination against her when she said this is by no means clear that it was the government using it in fact it was probably the rebels and now
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they're going to send in these two un institutions understand o.p.c. w probably our viewers won't be as familiar the office of prohibition of chemical weapons and w.h.o. to go and investigate but the idea that this was preempted by the british government and the united states going before the u.n. were going in i mean we all know about weapons of mass destruction the united states and its intelligence agencies cannot be trusted in describing chemical weapons use to any government and the idea that they can start lecturing the world on the other seven leaders in ireland they know they were using sarin gas or whatever is ridiculous what must now happen is that as the communique outlines. all these un agencies must be allowed to go in but we must remember also that the un agencies and certainly the memoirs of those leading un weapons agencies afterwards revealed to all of us they are often under huge amounts of pressure all kinds of
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pressure to come up with the goods we only have to hear about david kelly the government scientist weapons of mass destruction expert here and his suicide to realise that even un institutions are they going to syria those people when they're preparing their reports back in europe and the united states what result will they come out with we have we have the information already that the united states will be using chemical weapons as a as a fake flag. lie from under my thank you. now on the summit sidelines euro kratz and u.s. officials lay the foundations for a mega sized free trade zone we talk about that little bit later as world report on how the plans pitted european nations against each other why watchdog agency to bring the alarm bell first the u.s. government won't be able to block further surveillance revelations edward snowden speaks out in an online q. and a slamming a bomber's war on whistleblowers that's just
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a few minutes away as well. but next the u.s. government's released a list of forty six guantanamo bay detainees who they say will remain in prison indefinitely washington claims these men are too dangerous to be moved but also can't be prosecuted either he's going to teach you can look at the stumbling blocks on the way to closing the cap. so that's a list of forty six men that the u.s. government has no idea what to do with they've been stuck in this legal limbo for years and even with the presidents we knew had promises to shut down the prison the government indicates that they will still continue to hold people without charge according to the u.s. government these men are too dangerous to be released but they cannot be tried either in military or civilian court because of inadequate or tainted evidence many of these men were tortured which would make evidence against them inadmissible in court the list includes twenty six yemenis twelve afghans three saudis two kuwaitis and libyans a kenyan moroccan and a somali there were two indefinite detainees both afghans who have died in the camp
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one by suicide one of a heart attack so these ministration releases the names of these forty six labeled as indefinite detainees the same day as the state department announces the appointment of its special envoy to guantanamo has expressed mission is to say to see if they can close down with the administration is now trying to do is to live the bad on transfers to the united states so that maybe they can close the prison but still hold the men behind bars now some argue that even if the congress lift the ban on transfers to the u.s. that could mean just a change of address not a solution to the problem right now more than one hundred detainees are starving themselves begging for a solution eighty six of them have been cleared for release by the u.s. government itself a long time ago and yet they're still there before this hunger strike both the administration and congress has shown that they would rather have one ton of model site out of mind they were basically waiting for these men to guide just a few months ago the administration was asking for nearly two hundred million
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dollars to renovate the prison and it really did. they were taking any steps to fulfill the president's promise which you make twice running for office this is not to use continues online of course twenty four seven for me right after this very quick break.
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more news today. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. operations. snowden has reportedly sent an informal request for political asylum to iceland comes just a day after the man behind the bombshell leaks revealed the sweeping nature of the u.s. surveillance program promised even more disclosures. would follow
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his example. of that online chat. snowden referred to washington's war on whistleblowers as a draft pony and campaign he believes will ultimately escalate the scale school and skill involved in future government leaks in short snowden believes that u.s. president barack obama is actually building better whistleblowers by targeting and punishing all those that aim to expose government wrongdoing as for the website that served as a strong platform for whistleblowers snowden referred to wiki leaks as a legitimate journalistic outlets on the topic of obama snowden accuse the president of entering the white house and slamming the door on many campaign promises such as in just a gating systemic violations of law instead snowden says the u.s. commander in chief is deepening and expanding several abusive programs that began
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under the bush administration the former booz allen hamilton employees says the u.s. government destroyed his possibility for a fair trial at home by openly declaring him guilty of treason and his acts as criminal unconstitutional and unforgivable snowden now reportedly hiding out in hong kong claims he did not reveal any u.s. operations against legitimate military targets he says his leaks pointed out where the n.s.a. has hocks of billion infrastructure such as hospitals universities and private businesses covert operations that snowden claims is aggressively criminal and dangerous now even if the u.s. government ultimately catches and in prisons him snowden believes that it will not prevent more people like him from coming forward reporting from new york marina r.t. . revelations already led to some tension between the u.s. and china beijing's demand of the washington explain its surveillance program on cyber spying to the international community to change cool but senator of an
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independent news website the colbert report he says further damage to relations between the two countries is no never trouble. there will definitely be further followed in terms of the relations i don't think this comes as a surprise to anybody in the audience let alone the chinese government or intelligence services especially given the fact that it was admitted earlier this year that the general in charge of the n.s.a. who also happens to be a u.s. army general in charge of cyber command is head is ready to deploy forty cyber battalions in u.s. cyber con by two thousand and fifteen thirteen of which are going to be specifically for preemptive cyber attacks so is it any surprise that the n.s.a. is actively targeting and conducting cyber operations against u.s. enemies in cyberspace of course this is no surprise to anyone but now that this is been put on the table and made quite explicit i think there is going to have to be some sort of reaction from beijing and this is going to complicate already complicated relations between the two when especially as this was just it the topic
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of the first meeting between president obama and president xi jinping since being took office there in california just earlier this month were of course close to watch the developments on this story log on to our web site out to come for the full ton of events expert analysis and the latest updates. now one of america's biggest targets and its worldwide surveillance program is germany above was set there to visit india berlin for the first time as u.s. president they don't choose to for a drop in popularity among those who believe broke his presidency campaign let's talk about that show that you were at with else a rest but joining us on the line now elsa hi thanks for being with us so that never report shouldn't count on a warm welcome in germany as washington there's a guest touch. well i don't know if it's touch i think that the germans are becoming more aware of some things that have been going on for quite a while both through the recent revelations about the n.s.a.
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activities and also through the report about a month ago that the u.s. has been using drones has been conducting drone strikes from ramstein air base under the auspices of africa. which is a violation really of german sovereignty and also a violation of the german constitution the u.s. is believed by many. many of its decision to followed by other countries of the alliance which germany's reaction to washington's war calls and draw to bring them well when you speak about germany i think you have to divide between different political parties and what what your citizens think and what certain say the german military might think. but i have been in certain meetings where all of the political parties the leadership of the political parties across the board had
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stated that they did not think that targeted killings were ok and they did not think that violating the sovereignty of other countries such as somalia where there has been no war get declared is ok however they have said well the german military that they want drones themselves weaponized drones they will buy them from the u.s. or israel but they said they had always say well we would never do these policies so there has been criticism of the policies for some time but not enough that germany does anything about it could come out of this visit to think he's going to be one comfortable questions about issues such as the u.s. surveillance program. well it's been widely reported that chancellor merkel will ask him about the surveillance program i don't know whether. she will also ask him about the very serious issue of how the u.s.
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is conducting these clandestine shadow wars all over the world we don't even know it's you that they're not really authorized by the u.s. congress and they're being done from german soil maybe the german government knew but i don't believe that the representatives in the german parliament or bundestag knew certainly the citizens did not know you didn't throw a chart a number of issues that got people hot under the collar we've already seen protests in berlin had this forthcoming visit choose day if you could put it in a box get the demonstrators the most is the ready one particular aspect of what the u.s. is doing the got on the people's skin the most. well i think that in our demonstration yesterday in which i was involved and spoke we we feel that we have to ask the german government to distance itself from certain policies such as one of our own weaponized drones and we see that what we would ask is the german
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government to say. that they do not want these weaponized drones until there is an international agreement on what on how they are to be used and so that was a key issue in the demonstration yesterday another key issue is of course the surveillance. is coming so fast that we're all not we're not even totally up to date it's totally breathtaking what is coming out and i expect there will be even more revelations. there is probably no germany has not jumped on the bandwagon so far about supplying arms to the syrian rebels and of course there's a tremendous anger still that guantanamo is still is still. keeping people who have not had a right to trial who have not even had clear accusations that germany is against
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the death penalty and it's against the law here and it's related to think i will do targeted killings or you could incarcerate people without trial that goes very much against the grain of the one that has developed here since world war two well you will be watching closely to see what the outcome of this visit is tomorrow when he gets. to his also respect thank you very much. all the sixty people been detained in turkey's largest city istanbul after police swooped on protesters another twenty three were arrested in the capital ankara and as artie's really explains next this is not the only change to the government's anti demonstration methods either. the protests in taksim square last night were in fact started off as a lone protester simply standing there for hours on end it was a performance artist. who found that as a good
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a great way to show his protests towards the violent dispersal of those who are in gezi park in taksim square just days earlier by the police he was soon joined by about a dozen of other protesters that he left and the rest of those who have joined him were arrested by police they were however released a last night we know of at least seventy people who were arrested allegedly for their connection to the protests for the turkish authorities put out for instigating violence and basically calling on people to go to the streets and instigating also civil unrest those people should be released within four days we're being told but at the same time just talking to protesters people who were out in gezi park you have to understand that they may be gone off the streets not all of them of course a lot of them are actually regrouping right now of course you have your labor unions coming out also showing their indignation at the situation in the country that the way that the government has handled the arrest in the country which have been going on for more than two weeks at this point they're extremely unhappy with
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the way they're showing their solidarity with the protesters and by the looks of it it's just we're right in the middle of the eye of the hurricane and now what does the government do aside from arresting people they believe are somehow connected to the protests there are now beginning to closely monitor the social media websites such as twitter and facebook and they're actually they actually have drafted a law which is soon going to go into into examination by the turkish parliament on restricting the some of the functioning of this social media which move may be at the newest in possibly the most interesting developments in lieu of recent events considering the fact that a lot of protesters actually are being organized through twitter or facebook there was the statement that if there will not be enough policeman to quell the protests they will bring in the dharma and if those will not be enough then of course we will be seeing the army also working on calling the protest in the country. when
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he's coming away just a few moments from moscow. wealthy british. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser reports. with. the consent you. choose to get. to. choose the stories that impact.
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access to. the u.s. will open talks with the taliban in afghanistan within a matter of days after washington dropped a number of preconditions the state department's long pushed for negotiations but once the taliban to cut links with al qaida first political analyst. told us the war wasn't was starting in the first place. this is a question that we all as always so many people died they lost their lives the country has been. in
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a state of war for so many years so many troops from all over the world were here so much money was spent at the end of the day today of course we are seeing a historic moment where the taleban are announcing the opening of the emirates the office of the emirates of afghanistan with the flag so the question is a lingering question what is this war what was this war fought for what is going to happen after this this is a very very important turning point and if the americans sit with the taleban and on one hand they will be talking on the other hand the people of afghanistan will be dying this is going to be a very very devastating situation for our nation. for the people do stories in brief now tonight a suicide bombers blow to self up during a funeral in northwest pakistan has left at least twenty seven dead and wounded dozens more police say the blast may have targeted a politician who attended the procession and is affiliated with opposition leader interim can it's the first attack in the region since the may eleventh elections
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and highlights the security challenges still facing the new government of prime minister now as sheriff. balances one skin struck iraq's capital by two suicide bombs have blown themselves up in a shia mosque there killing at least thirty three and more than sixty others were injured in the blast the bombing follows a spate of attacks on chea in neighborhoods which have played the lives of more than one hundred people. riot police have clashed with protesters in brazil's biggest cities after mass demonstrations people are venting their anger at the government spending on stage of the twenty forty world cup also a crippled social and health system as well as a rise in transport fees the rallies of now entered into the second week with more expected in the coming days if you. want to founders of the file sharing resource pirate bay got freed told miss to be extradited from sweden denmark over hacking charges he's accused of stealing information that belong to the danish police including data on persons wanted in chiang states convicted he faces up to six
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years in prison the exact date of told the sixth edition is not known as he's currently standing trial in sweden for allegedly for alleged fraud and hacking the world's largest free trade zone may soon spy on the atlantic encompassing the populations of the u.s. and the european union lobbyist spirit and executives are hard at work preparing the ground but critics point out insurmountable problems with the whole idea of business presenter kitty pilgrim has got the details. france is expected to oppose the deal because they are demanding that their industries get certain protections and continued subsidize asian a point that's not sitting well with other nations plus our whole bunch of consumer watchdogs and food safety organizations are concerned that washington is caving in to pressure from u.s. farm and food industries who want street food standards rules removes why example
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this is greenpeace which is already concerned that standards will slip as a result of the deal if this trade agreement does go through it's not your will have to relax its attitude towards genetically modified crops to the first thing that comes to mind is the monsanto a highly controversial company and i just recently we saw global protests erupt against a company with thousands expressing anger towards it and its practices other european consumers organization also expressed serious concerns fearing that this would this deal was watered down the consumer protection rules they have already been fighting to protect for years now the trade with a marching quantum is the breaks the countries that brazil russia india china and south africa is predicted to declined sharply by thirty percent america has already raised europe's hackles over breaching standards especially when it comes to data of course there's the world publicized u.s.
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surveillance scandal which could come into conflict with the e.u.'s reputation the strict data protection standards and they fall and out before over america demanding europeans private financial and banking transaction data in twenty ten although washington adventure they got its way on this one. it will be most take you through some stories on our website tonight course as well as news analysis we've got a story about the wiki leaks will supply chile to sarge notice when he says he's prepared to spend the next five years in the confines of the ecuadorian embassy in london after high level talks to break your silence. impassive phone to go away so much online plus to russia's foreign minister says the run you like to present is ready to partly hold even richmond but only under certain conditions you remove those conditions on our website. if you choose the last oh you know we had to develop a new story of me in russia a series of explosions before this not only nations dump in central russia that led
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to widespread panic of mass evacuations five powerful blocks of also sparked a forest fire they are to use kaffeine of georgia hi lucy of the pictures we saw initially we saw a big mushroom cloud going up but we were also reporting that millions around had been to move out the whole lot of gone out what's the update for us certainly haven't seen for myself in person munitions people blowing up but as you can see by the pictures there the mushroom cloud exploding there's been reports actually of a fire as you mentioned in the area around the residents have been evacuated from the surrounding areas according to police officials and we don't know exactly what happened but locals who had witnessed the scene said that there was about five blasts that they heard and other people in the areas that actually pieces of the munitions are supposedly flying around in the area also even though well we see there's just the smoke and what not it might be a little bit more of an intense situation on the ground they've said that about four people so far have been confirmed to be injured and of course this isn't the first instance of munitions blowing up. your shoulder very different to the initial
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pictures that i saw in iowa more of that looks to me because i don't know whether it's kind of just drifting or whether the whole place has gone up because. we do know that authorities are on the ground trying to get the situation under control but of course it's not the first time this has happened on may twenty second there was a blast that injured about two p. . all and actually i think we even have video of what happened in july of twenty eleven and if we do roll that where i'm not there massive blast took place so there's certainly raises questions about why these are weapons of munitions boats are going up maybe there needs to be more safety measures in place there's been some reports that perhaps they were doing some test or trying to clear some areas and maybe something one wrong the point is we don't know we do know that only four people so far are confirmed to have been i don't know what that is but it's very interesting to look at to have been injured and. we have the work ok lucy will we'll let you get back to some more of the. gets more details please do come about
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stories and stuff. as many european motorists are desperate to save money on fuel buying a new more efficient car seems a worthwhile investment but it's also he's toast with the reports next the costs of getting a boat can be great to make his claim and the experiences. when i went to the store that told me that's a very economy car it's only five point seven liter. you know one hundred kilometer. and i never. i never make that consumption i always make more and in a time of crisis when every penny counts the difference doesn't go unnoticed i pay more because i use less or more feel that i'm expecting. car ads in the e.u. advertised they expected the fuel consumption of their car models whatever recently published report shows
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a discrepancy of up to twenty five percent on actual fuel consumption of motorists on the road the study by the international council of transportation notes the disparity between real world carbon emissions and what drivers get accounts for an average of three hundred euros more per year but this three main reasons for the discrepancy the first is that the test is very out of date over thirty years old the second reason is there was lots of loopholes that they can introduce the herd main reason as they do the tests but the lights are switched off the air conditioning is all heating would be zero so it's not being driven like a protocol taken together the end result leaves motorists across europe choking on the cost of their fumes many of whom are already struggling to make ends meet one trend that's taking shape as a story continues to bite is what people opting for two wheels rather than food for the european cycling federation claims that sales of bicycles across the continent
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now outnumber cars by two to one italians for one have already been actively making the switch thanks to a sturdy but there's a financial incentive as well the more money people have the more they can spend which did release the economy the fuel the people of boeing for their cause is a big part. of their disposable income so if we can reduce the costs to consumers of filling up their car by having more fuel efficient cars then that puts money in people's pockets which is exactly what are the customers they believe they will buy into to begin with the lie to me. it's it's not fair so still your r t brussels. all about and topical the conversation coming up next we discuss how the foreign military intervention in libya shaped the country that we see today obviously with us for interview with professor yoo who did roll in it after the break.
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you know what's worse than a crap bureaucrat who sucks at being corrupt a scumbag bureaucrat in veronese russia just couldn't help himself and put some very hefty charges for services contracts for road repair and construction in just three years he was able to take enough of a percentage off of these contracts though investigators raided his house he had the equivalent of over three million dollars in russian money all over his home news not mail dot ru claims he had entire laundry hampers and twenty five kilogram sugar sex filled to the brim with blocks first off when someone is this flagrant that means that he felt rather comfortable and not getting caught so there are plenty more of these guys out there but second this is an absolute slap in the face to russia taxpayers who are hungry for new roads i think for instance it's a flagrant in your face obvious crush corruption russia might need to reconsider
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with me i have professor yoo who did for me and of the political science department of bahrain one university she's an expert on libya and the middle east region professor thank you very much for joining us here on r.t. my pleasure of looking at libya today which is your field of expertise is in libya a failed state it's approaching this the troops libya a two day course nothing libya is. all. state. out political stability. with out
2:44 pm
internal security for its people out of security in its border could it have been different if we rewind to just after gadhafi is of throwing who knows nobody can say yes or no course about they think of the the western intervention in libya was not necessary i think of that if gadhafi was still there under the circumstances of the arab spring libya could reach a quite different conditionals why what was that about international intervention that was so wrong the fact that it happened or the fact that it left a vacuum in its place i think it was premature to intervene in the libyan in turn are all cunts leaked. this internal conflict should have been. shaped by its own people without any foreign
2:45 pm
intervention particularly not such a military our tech that eradicated the production regime with out having the time to act for preparing alternatives for his regime the libyan society. is absent are of any civil societies there is no organized communication system there is no military now in libya there is no police now in libya it didn't bring. the results the western countries saw east on the contrary it brought a lot of damage professor i was in libya at the time and i remember when those first nato planes bombed. the argument that was being presented was that they felt that the people of benghazi what i'm doing
2:46 pm
a real threat of being completely annihilated so was that not a good enough argument and that was the argument at the time that they were coming to the rescue of people who are loyal to risk people is always a sacred mission no doubt about it so this logic should have acted also in the syrian case which is march march it's it's really bloodshed and there is no military intervention of the west so there are there were other motives what were those motives economic it is a very rich country with oil and as our stock and other considerations which relates to internal affairs and political circumstances of the with storm states actually rules libya today it's a good question i would say that the militias they have the last
2:47 pm
ward and. the ruling. institutions are helpless and because of this has libya become a center for jihadists terror today there is so powerful dusty salt against them trying to maybe make their power and he succeeded to extent but it's doing that the arab spring a rebellion in libya they empowered the strengths and became leading power they have charisma thick leadership they have the militarist skills they have a lot of weapons they are our. absolutely determined to achieve their goal which means to reach power at least to reach first position to. loudly affect the country's agenda and state all but still
2:48 pm
is in a state also searching its way. so the question is not right now what will be next and that's exactly my next question what will be next in terms of the region and the influence of the jihadists inside libya and then penetrating the rest of north africa this is really the most crucial point because we see the interactions the into affects. the corporations the military the political they call the religious between the jihadists and the radical islamists form a jury or. a good smiley. what's happening in mali today could that have happened without the overthrow of gadhafi and the situation in libya at the moment if france would not intervene militarily in libya
2:49 pm
in mooch two thousand and eleven in order to eradicate the khadafi regime perhaps it would not have to come to mali intervene militarily in being engaged to them since last january what is happened to the libyan oil and gas reserves well since. foreign. forces countries companies in seoul are so involved in libya's oil and gas industry they acted to minimize the damages. that they. we succeeded. to rehabilitate. the oil production and export almost to their regional. extent
2:50 pm
during the regime yet this is not the only attention we should give to this particular subject because libya which is potentially so rich we all engulf the food here of neglected its industry should it needs it this brinkley meets now a lot of foreign capital and know how in order to. give a real momentum to it in the story in the head of a lot of money in order to recover in the you have billy tate it's the damage it's ruined systems what's happened to the gadhafi family i mean i know we're waiting for say al islam to be tried do you think that trial is ever going to happen who knows what will be a form all of this splendid family. here actually.
2:51 pm
there is the mother and her daughter the lawyer who. escaped to a junior tunisia to other places in the maghreb who survived there is a sour the in the other son who escaped apparently by the help of the loyal touring during the rebellion tunisia and stayed. are and there is a fairly slum who is still imprisoned by the armed militias which refuses. the government to extradite him to do of sorties. it's unbelievable story this is the illustration the optimal use of place and fully spills and all the other sounds of gadhafi. thus the others were killed during the rebuilding you mentioned earlier the difference
2:52 pm
between what happened in libya and the international community not getting involved in syria and what you did say was that was different types of interests do you think they will be a tipping point that there will be a point at which the international community will get involved in syria and what will be its motivations if the worst soon forces including nato schools would not intervene in libya. or if the if the situation in libya was a developing in a positive positive way. then the group could see do much to really truly do very much in syria the libyan trauma. is clearly a delaying aiming for in intervention in the syrian case
2:53 pm
duffy voluntarily quite his nuclear program do you think it's possible that we'll see this happening elsewhere in the region let me just remind you the did it may be just. a go it was a different walt the u.s. was power for was very active in shaping the walled politics. it was the new walled ordeal. it's a different time now all. i don't see iran voluntarily relinquishing its w m d programs what needs to happen in libya for the chaos and the rather depressing picture you've painted to be turned. around i would say that the first should be the significant injection of of foreign money of capital financial capital toward libya in order to help the government to
2:54 pm
establish a an army. police there is no army and police in libya now with these should be established because this is the only chance to combat and a quote from the album militias. to iraq power and yet professor we started the interview with you saying that the problem in libya today is because of the foreign intervention so why would you be promoting so the foreign involvement in the country i didn't say that the problems are due to the foreign military intervention i think that. this intervention apparently helped it took celebrate various negative developments that may be would have happened in any way we don't know but i would say that the west and not only the west also all other. foreign
2:55 pm
countries and companies. which perhaps feel some responsibility all because of purely economic interests it's ok the. stream financial aid to libya because this is the only way to at least try to stop the lies in first and. begin to shape the country's new era professor thank you very much for joining us here on our team you wake up my pleasure. welcome to teal one i hear you can feel at home.
2:56 pm
there are three choices in life the first is to work in a mckillop and live on a miserable way like a slave. for a second just to jump the wall and catch the american dream. most of the cars and lose their lives or. the other choice is to become a member of an organisation and get inside the drug trade. to buy something will never forget. the group of celebrity who did it by paid for what i've done i would never stop
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or are.
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they really really cool. at the g eight summit ends with leaders backing a peace conference on syria but they failed to bend differences as president putin slams the u.s. decision to arm the rebels saying there's no hard evidence the regime crossed the line and used chemical weapons. the u.s. reveals forty six names of guantanamo bay detainees they say it's too dangerous to release transfer or to prosecute as washington stumbles again on its way to shutting down the county. and police raids in istanbul and ankara result in more than eighty arrests as the turkish government posts its tactics against the protests gripping the country.


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